How to Improve Front Door Security

Aug 18, 2022

When it comes our homes, we all want ultimate protection and peace of mind. With so many security options available to protect your home and loved ones, it can be overwhelming. These days, more often than not, we are greeted by video doorbells and cameras when we step on our family and friends’ front porches.

Multi-Point Lock

While the presence of security cameras can be a great crime deterrent, most only offer surveillance. Additionally, these devices are often dependent on consistent power supply, secure wireless connections and a homeowner that is vigilant about monitoring the video feed. In many cases, they at best provide a partial record of a crime after it’s already occurred.

So what else can you do to improve your home’s security? A key component to reinforcing the security perimeter of your home is to invest in your front door and other entry doors around the home. With more than 3,000 break-ins occurring each day on average in the U.S. and 56% of those occurring through the front or back door*, it’s an important place to consider making an investment to dramatically improve the security of your home.

Common Front Door Entry Statistics for Burglaries

Take a look at your door locks. Is it sturdy enough to keep that burglar out? Standard door locks typically only provide a single locking point, making it easier for thieves to target your door with a well-placed kick that will crack the door jamb at the locking point.

To dramatically improve security, Clopay front doors offer the option of a Multi-Point Locking System that provides three secure locking points at the top, middle and bottom edge of the door. For convenience, one turn of the deadbolt thumb turn activates all three points. The locking mechanism can be added while maintaining discreet sight lines, and you can choose a handleset from a collection of attractive, on-trend trim kits meaning unmatched protection doesn’t have to mean compromised style.

Perhaps one of the most surprising benefits of the Multi-Point Locking System is an increase in the energy efficiency of the entry door since it helps to keep the door closed extra-tight against the weather stripping. The Multi-Point Lock strengthens the edge of the door and pulls it into perfect alignment while working with the door system components to keep cold air out and warm air in.

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*2021 Burglary statistics according to

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