Repairing Damaged Garage Door Sections

Like all parts of your home’s exterior, garage doors require care and maintenance to operate properly for the life of the door.  Because of their exposure to the elements and wear of daily life, your garage door’s panel sections may periodically need to be touched up or repaired.

What Panel Repairs Can be Completed by A Homeowner?

Knowing which repairs you can safely complete and which should be completed by a professional is important.  While minor repairs and touch-ups can be completed on your own, major repairs can be dangerous for homeowners and will need professional attention.

If your door sustains major damage, contact a professional dealer to evaluate the door and recommend repair or replacement options.  Use our Dealer Locator to find a Clopay Dealer near you.

Inspecting Your Door

An important part of caring for your door is identifying and addressing wear early. All doors should be inspected at least bi-annually, as well as regularly cleaned and lubricated. During that inspection, you may find minor wear or damage like the examples listed below, which you can safely attempt to repair on your own.

If you think your garage door may need a replacement section, view this blog post for more information on panel replacement.

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Slight Surface Damage

Damage such as small scratches or rub marks can be repaired relatively easily on the Avante® Collection. Reference the Repairing or Painting The Door section of this collection’s Care & Maintenance manual for instructions.

Important Note: Due to the construction of the Avante® Collection, glass replacement must be completed by an authorized professional dealer.

canyon ridge collection

Canyon Ridge® Collection

The guidelines below apply to the following Canyon Ridge® Doors:

Discoloration and minor damage

Minor damage such as light scratches can be touched up on Canyon Ridge® doors. For instructions, reference the Repair & Re-Finish section of this collection's Care & Maintenance manual.

Window Replacement

You can safely replace the glass in Canyon Ridge® Collection window sections. Follow the instructions and safety precautions as outlined in the Glass Replacement section of the Canyon Ridge® Care & Maintenance manual.

View Canyon Ridge® Care & Maintenance Manual

steel garage doors

The information below applies to the following steel garage door collections:

Paint Repair

For steel doors, it is important to touch up paint damage early to prevent rust, especially when the door’s bare metal is exposed or the door is located in a corrosive environment, such as on the coast. Reference the Paint Repair of your collection’s Care & Maintenance manual as listed below.

Window Replacement

You can safely replace the glass by following the instructions and taking the necessary precautions as outlined in the Glass Replacement section of the steel garage door Care & Maintenance manual.

Steel Garage Door Care & Maintenance Manual

Care & Maintenance Tips: Repainting of Steel Doors

Care & Maintenance Tips: Repairing Damaged Coastal Gray Ultra-Grain Paint

Care & Maintenance Tips: Repairing Damaged Kona Ultra-Grain Paint


Natural Wood Garage Door Collections

The information below applies to the following wood garage door collections:

Repainting Your Door

Painted wood doors should be repainted every 1-2 years as needed to protect the door against the elements. Annually examine your door for signs of cracking or peeling paint, or cracks in the wood door section.  If your door needs repainted, follow the instructions in the Painting The Door section of the Care & Maintenance manual.

Re-staining Your Door

Reapply stain to your door as needed per the manufacturer’s stain recommendations.  As a rule of thumb, the clearer the stain, the more it will need to be reapplied.  View the Staining The Door section of the Care & Maintenance manual for instructions on staining your door.

Contact A Clopay Dealer for Additional Peace of Mind

If you are not confident that you can safely repair your panel section, or you are not confident that the repair will be of a quality that allows you to fully enjoy your door, find a local Clopay Dealer to complete the repair.  Your Clopay Dealer will be able to provide the best service and guidance for your door’s needs.

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