Clopay® Introduces Triple Wall Polycarbonate Glazing Option on Commercial Full-View Aluminum Models

May 03, 2019

Triple wall polycarbonate doors

Clopay is introducing a 16mm (5/8”) triple wall polycarbonate glazing option for its commercial Model 902 and 903 doors and two-inch full-vision sections.

Polycarbonate panels offer several qualities that make it an attractive alternative to glass for commercial building applications designed to maximize natural daylight transmission indoors like automotive dealerships and repair shops, carwashes, warehouses, greenhouses, chemical facilities, and animal shelters. It is also a good option for coastal business owners concerned about mitigating the effects of high humidity, corrosion, and impact damage from storms.

Polycarbonate is durable and lightweight, which significantly reduces wear and tear on the door over time, compared to glass. It also allows for more design flexibility since it can be cut to size and reduces the need for extensive supporting structures.

The multi-wall construction of the panels creates an insulating air space within the internal channels, significantly reducing the transfer of heat or cold through the glazed portion of the door to maintain a consistent temperature indoors. The exterior UV coating minimizes fading from prolonged exposure to the sun, rain and snow.

Polycarbonate is virtually indestructible, reducing the risk of damage or breakage from falling ice or hail. The material can also withstand extreme temperature shifts, wind, and building movement without cracking or splitting.

Clopay’s triple-wall polycarbonate is available in clear and tinted panels supported by a durable, 2-1/8-inch thick, through bolted, aluminum frame. Capped tongue and groove joints and a vinyl bottom weather seal keep out the elements.

Frame colors include: clear, bronze, or black anodized, prefinished white or brown paint, or custom coatings to match your building design with Clopay’s new Color Blast® paint system.

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