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Clopay is your trusted architectural design partner. We know that together, we can do better. Our online resources and team of knowledgeable experts helps solve your challenges—connecting you with the best product for your commercial or residential project.

Together, we can make your project a success. As an architect, we know that you spend a lot of time on bringing form and function together. Our high-quality overhead doors are designed and manufactured to combine safety, integrity, reliability and stunning design across all applications.

You need a lot of product details, so that’s why we’ve created an easy-access library full of resources and tools! Find downloadable BIM files, product specifications, video and image galleries, code requirements and certifications, and more. We’re here to make your job easier by giving you everything you need in one place.

If you’re an architect working with Clopay® residential garage doors, we want you to have access to all the garage door resources for architects we can provide. We’ve worked hard to create amazing garage doors with a wide range of products for you to work with. Our dedication, responsiveness and experience are what have made us the largest manufacturer of residential garage doors in North America, and we want to help you create beautiful homes with our residential garage doors. That means having a wide range of knowledge about our garage door specs for architects at your fingertips.



When you work with Clopay, we’ll give you all the information on residential garage doors you need. Everything you wanted to know for your designing needs, including product brochures, product overview information, WindCode information, and warranty information. We encourage you to take the time now to explore all the architect resources for garage doors we have on this page. If you have any further questions or suggestions for additional resources that we can offer, please let us know.

When you work with someone who thinks on your level, inspiration comes easy. You'll have the power to challenge conventions, push the limits and discover creative door solutions that complement your commercial building. With a responsive, experienced partner on your side and a wide selection of innovative products, success never looked so good.



The Color Blast® program allows you to complement your home or building’s current color scheme by choosing from an array of Sherwin-Williams® color options. This two-part polyurethane based paint is specially formulated for excellent adhesion and stability providing a high quality, durable, and professional finish for your door.



Garage doors featuring Intellicore® insulation technology represent the ultimate smart choice for homeowners. Clopay’s Intellicore is a proprietary polyurethane foam that is injected into a garage door, expanding to fill the entire structure. The result is a door with incredible strength and durability. 



The thermal performance and energy efficiency of commercial sectional overhead garage doors has become an increasingly more important factor to consider when designing, building and maintaining commercial or industrial spaces.