Clopay’s Aluminum and Glass Garage Door Delivers a Fresh Perspective with New Sleek, Horizontal Frame Design

Mar 20, 2023
Avante AZ Garage Door

Clopay® Corporation, North America’s leading garage door manufacturer, is expanding its modern aluminum and glass garage door line with the new residential Avante Sleek and Commercial Models 905/906.  

The sectional overhead doors feature horizontal tempered glass or acrylic panels with minimal stiles for broad, unobstructed views with a clean, simple frame design.

This is a departure from the grid-like pattern of Clopay’s other aluminum and glass garage door models, so for builders and architects in search of a garage door that gives off “panoramic vibes” and lets in plenty of natural light, this is it.

Depending on the door model and height, single car doors up to 10’2” wide have no center stile; double doors have one center stile; and doors up to 22’2” wide have two equally spaced vertical stiles.

“Glass panel garage doors are a great fit for new construction and remodeling projects that call for a modern aesthetic to enhance indoor-outdoor connections. And they aren’t just for the garage,” said Justin Evans, Clopay’s vice president of marketing. “Builders and architects are installing these doors on pool houses, hobby sheds and outdoor kitchens.”

“Full-view garage doors are also a popular choice for commercial spaces like offices, gyms, schools, restaurants and hospitality venues to increase square footage for gatherings and events,” added Heather Bender, Clopay’s director of commercial marketing. “The doors can be opened to the outdoors or used as an interior partition to section off meeting rooms, classrooms, and private dining areas.”

When closed the door becomes a large window wall so strength and thermal protection are important. Polyurethane insulated models have a 3.8 R-value when paired with tempered, insulated glass panels.

An integral bulb seal between the tongue and groove section joints keeps out air and water. The doors meet ASHRAE 90.1 and IECC air infiltration (AI) requirements and insulated models comply with HFC-free mandates.

Twelve window options are available to control daylight and privacy. Multiple frame colors, including powder-coated and anodized finishes, can be ordered.

Clopay residential Avante doors are available in widths from 4’0” up to 20’ wide and 16’ tall. Commercial Model 905/906 doors are available in sizes ranging from 4’0” to 22’2” wide and up to 16’ tall. Certain restrictions apply. Built-in WindCode® reinforcement is offered.

The door can be configured with several track designs including high-lift, following the roof line, or straight up the wall to maximize overhead space and headroom in larger venues.

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