Garage Organization Ideas For National Garage Organization Month

Apr 29, 2010

No more excuses. The expert entity known as “they” have designated April as the official month to tackle the clutter that is keeping you from parking your car in its rightful spot inside the garage.

The idea of purging, cleaning and organizing after a long winter of just stowing stuff anywhere it fits can be overwhelming. Relax. A fresh perspective can help transform this annual spring cleaning chore into a fun home improvement project that will not only provide added living space, but also add $$$ to your home.

If Jay Leno’s experience on DIY’s “Garage Mahal” got you thinking, perhaps these ideas will motivate you to get moving.

Interior garage makeover

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Author Tina Skinner explored dozens of garages to help inspire readers to turn theirs into a showplace and compiled them in a new book called The Big Book of Garages. From simple upgrades that improve the appearance of your home, to incredible garage makeovers that transform the additional space into a “Garage Mahal,” Skinner highlights new options now available for doors, floors, and walls to make your own garage organization project a success.

Garage Doors Make a Grand Entrance

An investment in nice garage doors is touted as a major home upgrade, and smiled upon by realtors espousing the value of “curb appeal,” so it’s important to choose a door that fits your home’s architectural style. Let exterior details on your home like the shape and size of the windows, the style of the entry doors and even the finish on decorative fixtures influence the look of the garage door you select.

Wood Garage Doors Surrounded by Stone and Ivy
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The atmosphere inside your garage space can be greatly enhanced with the addition of light-inviting windows. The temperature inside your garage will be greatly affected by the door, too. If you plan on using the garage as a workshop or recreation space, or have a room above or adjacent to your garage, you want to consider the R-value and the thickness of the door. R-value is a measurement of the thermal efficiency of a door. The higher the R-value, the better insulated the door is. Insulation can also help dampen noise from the garage.

Inspired Interiors for Garage Makeovers

The number one improvement you can undertake in transforming the interior of your garage is sealing the concrete floor. Below is a list of options for interior garage makeovers.

Concrete Stains & Paints: Masonry sealers are designed to penetrate the pores of the concrete for a waterproofing effect, and there are many that both stain and seal the concrete, creating a stronger surface and providing incredible visual effects.

Concrete stains and paints used to makeover the interior of a garage
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Floor Tile Systems: Interlocking tiling systems can be snapped together or apart for quick and easy installation. You don’t have any glues or fumes to worry about, and you don’t need any tools. A single garage bay can be “repaved” in an hour or so, and the tiles can be picked up and move with you when you please. Most garages are level, but you’ll want to be sure that yours doesn’t have dips in it before you invest in tiles, though.

Floor Tile Systems used to makeover the interior of a garage

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Garage Carpeting: Squares of indoor/outdoor carpeting can help hide unsightly stains, or protect a nice floor from leaks. Adhesive squares are a nice option that allows you to customize your colors and quickly create a floor that is friendly underfoot and eye-catching, and costs as little as $5 per square foot.

Interior garage makeover with carpeting
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Professional Coatings: At the top end of the market are the commercially applied epoxy and polyurea finishes that effectively bond with the concrete and seal the floor. These are manufactured and designed specifically for the garage market, and come in a variety of attractive colors and finishes.

Next up: wall systems and extras.

The Big Book of Garages now available at bookstores and online retailers including Barnes & Noble and Amazon


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