Garage Organization: Part Two

Apr 30, 2010
More inspirational ideas from The Big Book of Garages by home improvement author Tina Skinner.

Wall Systems
Today’s market offers all kinds of great storage systems that conceal clutter, organize tools, and keep the floor clear. The systems are easily assembled, easy to clean, and easy to reorganize as your needs change.

Slatwall Systems: Wall slat systems are designed to hold an impressive amount of weight, and come with a great variety of interchangeable hardware. Moreover, the finishes are easy to keep clean. Not only do you not have to paint your garage, you won’t need to finish the drywall if you’re installing wall slats.

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Cabinetry: Cabinets specifically designed for the garage are the hottest trend in makeover improvements. Cabinets for the garage have to be able to withstand temperature extremes, since garages are rarely heated or air-conditioned. They should have durable surfaces that are easily cleaned, since they are inevitably opened and closed by dirty hands and gloves. And they need to be built to handle heavy loads, since they are likely to store tools and equipment.

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The best thing about garage cabinets, however, is that the doors close and hide all those items that really don’t need to be on display for security and aesthetic reasons.

Overhead Systems
All kinds of wonderful devices are being invented for getting stuff up high, where you can get to it when you want it, but otherwise keep it out of the way. Some to consider beyond traditional overhead shelving, rubber storage containers and nets include simple pulley lifts, and even a hydraulic lift system.

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Little Extras
Besides utility, a garage can have style. There are lots of new products coming online for the garage enthusiast, from specialty clocks and artwork to decorative wall finishes. Self-adhesive metallic molding or wainscot tiles are two materials that quickly clean up a garage interior.

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For more tips and an inspirational photo gallery of garage transformations, check out The Big Book of Garages now available at bookstores and online retailers including and

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