Decorate Your Garage For Halloween

Oct 21, 2010

Once an obscure holiday, more Americans buy decorations for their homes for Halloween than at any other time of the year according to an article in the The Wall Street Journal. (“Saying Boo to Halloween" – October 20, 2010)


Here are some ways to dress up your garage to maximize your home's spook appeal and keep trick-or-treaters shivering from the curb to the candy bowl this Halloween.

1. Treat your garage door as a giant canvas.

This temporary artwork is made from removable black cloth tape in 2-inch and 3-inch widths, and black crafts-foam sheets cut into the desired spooky shapes. Simply use loops of tape to press the silhouettes into place on the garage door.

image (246)

Deck out your garage's exterior with a festive set of magnetized decals that affix easily to a steel garage. The best part is that they can be removed and reused each year!

image (247)

image (248)

image (249)

This Gigantic Skull and Hands is the perfect garage door grim reaper. It comes in three parts, a weatherproof foam skull and two hands. The decayed-look only increases with age. For an alternately scary appearance, place the head on the roof above the garage while the hands appear to reach out from either side of the door.

image (250)

2. Transform your garage into a haunted (party) house.

Add a few props like plastic tombstones, cobwebs, hanging bats and giant spiders, a cauldron full of candy and refreshing witches brew and you’ve set the stage for a ghoulishly good Halloween get-together for friends and neighbors. Replace the interior light bulbs with orange and black lights and add a fog machine and eerie music to complete the effect.

image (251)

image (252)

Online Resources for Ghoulish Garage Décor 
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