Maintenance Tips to Get Your Garage Door Ready for the Cold

Oct 27, 2010

1) Clean and Lubricate Hardware

Use a clean rag to remove any debris, grease or dirt build-up from the track. Lubricate all moving parts of the door (hinges, metal rollers and track) with 3-in-1oil. You’ll be amazed at the results. Suddenly all the creaking and squeaking will disappear into a pleasant hummmmmm.

Never use heavy oil or grease. DO NOT LUBRICATE nylon rollers, plastic idler bearings or locks.

2) Clean and Wax the Surface

Wash steel and aluminum door surfaces with a mild household detergent and rinse with water. If you live in a coastal region and own a steel door, be sure to apply a coat of car wax to help maintain the surface finish. This should be done 2x per year.

3) Remove Rust

Visible rust or flaking paint on a steel door indicates that moisture is taking its toll. Sand the rust, apply a zinc-rich primer, and paint the surface with exterior latex. Do not use an oil-based paint.



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