Consumer Alert: Garage Door Scams

Sep 26, 2017

As consumers, we always have to be on the lookout for scams. The phrase “knowledge is power” is applicable when it comes to avoiding scams, especially garage door repair scams. So, how do these scams work and how can you avoid them when shopping for a garage door company?

How Garage Door Repair Scams Work



When it comes to garage door repair scams, con artists use a few techniques to convince homeowners that they are a legitimate, reputable company. Here are a few of their strategies:

- Advertising: Just like any business, scammers will invest in print and online advertising. By using advertising, they’re able to reach consumers, whether through the phone book, direct mail coupon books or digital ads on the internet.

- Low-priced services: Garage door scammers lure customers with the promise of low prices. While they may deliver that low price, they’ll often include inflated charges for labor or “discover” additional items that need to be replaced like garage door rollers and springs.

In larger cities, garage door scams are more common. Why? More garage door providers are available, which makes it easier for these companies to blend in and remain undiscovered.

Who Is at Risk for Garage Door Scams?

Scammers target people who are unknowledgeable about garage doors. It’s easy to take the advice of a service professional when you’re not an expert on a product, like your garage door. After all, it’s not something you think about until something goes wrong with it. Con artists take advantage of that, which is why garage door repair scams for emergency service are the most common.

How to Avoid Garage Door Scams

Here are tips to help you avoid garage door scams.

- Don’t always call the first company that pops up when you search for local garage door service or emergency garage door repair. Scammers are notorious for buying digital ads to keep these types of calls rolling in because that is when homeowners are most vulnerable.

- Listen for background noise when you call the garage door company. If it sounds like you have reached a call center, chances are the company is not local or reputable.

- Search online to find out if the company has a local building address or showroom and view the property on Google Maps.

- Read customer reviews on well-known, reputable home improvement review sites.

- Get estimates from multiple garage door companies and compare prices. If the technician pressures you to move forward with the repair right away to qualify for the advertised price, think twice before agreeing.

- Make sure the employee is driving a truck with the specific company’s name, is wearing a shirt with the company name and logo, and gives you a professionally printed business card and written estimate branded with the same name.

- Use dealer locators on garage door manufacturer websites. Major manufacturers have a “Where to Buy” page that lists reputable garage door dealers who service their products in your market. These companies invest in training their service technicians and uphold standards recommended by the International Door Association and Door and Access Systems Manufacturers Association.

- Garage door scammers often operate under multiple generic names, like Garage Door Services, or a name slightly different than an established reputable local garage door dealer. When you call, make sure to ask the representative what the name of their company is — don’t provide the name for them.

Trust Clopay® for All Your Garage Door Needs

Use these tips for avoiding garage door scams to choose a reputable, honest garage door service provider, like Clopay and our network of Clopay® dealers. Our knowledgeable team can help you repair — or update — your garage door with a broad range of distinctive designs and WindCode®-compliant doors, which we make in the U.S.

Looking for more tips on how to choose a garage door and avoid scams at the same time? Check out our Garage Door Buying Guide.

Find a reputable Clopay garage door dealer in your area




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