Dos and Don'ts of Choosing the Best Commercial Garage Door for Your Business

Apr 13, 2023

A building has so many elements that give it character, but garage doors hold a special place in the world of commercial architecture.

Once a no-frills security feature, modern garage doors are now inspired by the unique harmony between form and function. The intricate design details, vivid finishes, and advanced technology found in garage doors make an undeniably bold statement.

If you’ve been on the hunt for a commercial garage door, chances are that you’ve uncovered a myriad of options. There is an overwhelming selection of models, styles, and performance options to choose from. We’ll help you clear the clutter and narrow down your search.

Read on for some expert tips on how to discover the perfect commercial garage door for your space.

Do: Work with the Style of Your Building

Vertistack Clear

VertiStack Clear Commercial Door

The design and style of your building can help you pick a commercial door. The bold, clean lines of the VertiStack Clear Door match the midcentury modern vibes of this restaurant’s design. Don’t be afraid to be daring. If you have an industrial space, you can still choose a door with an uncompromised style and standout performance.

Don’t: Be Afraid to Add Color
It’s reasonable to be anxious about adding bright colors to the exterior of your building. However, your commercial garage door is a much smaller commitment compared to the rest of your facade. Go bold with trendy oranges and yellows. Or, opt for a more luxurious feel with deep greens, navy blues, or black. Your door is also a perfect spot to show off your brand colors and make your building stand out from the rest.

Do: Choose the Right Kind of Paint

If your door is on the exterior of the building, it’s going to be exposed to the elements. If it’s not, you still need to deal with wear and tear from constant use. Commercial sectional doors are made of steel or aluminum, so make sure to choose a paint that has built-in protection from corrosion and wear. A two-part polyurethane-based commercial paint can keep your color bright and hide blemishes. Clopay doors come with Color Blast®, which uses Sherwin-Williams® Polane paint. This paint not only protects the door from corrosion, but also reflects solar rays to keep the surface cool.

Don’t: Ignore Natural Light

905-906 Commercial Door
905-906 Aluminum Commercial Doors

If you’re in an area that gets tons of direct sunlight, you’re in luck! Architects and builders are big fans of daylighting—or placing openings in spaces that let in natural light. This popular process reduces energy costs, increases productivity, and makes people feel happier. An easy way to get these benefits is to install a commercial glass overhead door. Full-view doors come with strong tempered glass so you don’t have to worry about cracking. You can also customize your glass with glazing or tints.

Do: Upgrade Your Tech

Commercial garage doors are equipped with advanced safety technology that helps avoid injury and prevent damage to doors and vehicles. Most doors come standard with sensors, like photo eyes and light curtains. New, innovative tech, like safety edges, will automatically reverse or stop the door when it senses an obstruction. A popular option is to add smart technology for wireless communication, easier maintenance, and touchless operation.

Don’t: Forget About Function

Your industry drives how you’ll use your garage door. If you’re in food service and hospitality, you’ll likely use your door to create a chic indoor-outdoor dining space. Fire stations and emergency services will need a door built for speed. Retail spaces and schools might need a security grille to block traffic and create a welcoming atmosphere. You have hundreds of options when it comes to picking your commercial garage door, and the choice isn’t always clear-cut. Fortunately, a garage door dealer can help narrow your search.

Do: Fix Air Leaks

Think of air leaks like a balloon—the tighter the seal, the less air can escape. That balloon is your building, and air can leak out of any opening. When air escapes, it makes your heating and cooling systems work harder. Your energy bills skyrocket, temps fluctuate, and employees and customers are still too hot or cold. Replacing an old overhead door with an insulated steel commercial door can help your bills and keep your space comfortable.

Choosing the best door for your business isn’t an easy process. The key is to find a balance between what you want and what you need. Fortunately, modern commercial garage doors are designed so you don’t have to compromise on style or performance. If a door isn’t completely winning you over, remember, customizing your door with unique design and safety upgrades can make it a perfect fit for your space.

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