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The output from the WindCode Calculator (the “output”) provided on this website is approximate in nature, intended for preliminary design purposes only, and dependent on the accuracy of the information you provide. Please note that the local building official is the final determiner of the suitability of an installed garage door and its connections to any particular structure. Clopay Building Products offers no warranty or representation – express or implied – that use of the output will result in approval by the applicable governing building code body.  Accordingly, users of any output from this website assume all liability arising from such use.

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Why Do You Need a WindCode® Calculator for Commercial Doors?

Whether you're the architect, designer, builder or owner of a business, you need the right wind-resistant commercial garage door.  Clopay’s WindCode® Door Calculator will help you find that door.

If you run a business in a state that's subject to harsh weather conditions, such as Florida or Texas, you're probably already aware that your commercial garage door needs to conform to certain wind load requirements. Finding a door that meets these requirements while also fitting all your other commercial garage door specifications can be complicated and time-consuming. At Clopay®, we offer our WindCode® door calculator for commercial doors to make it easy.

I Am the (Owner, Designer, Builder) of the Facility. Why Do I Need to Use This Calculator?

No matter what your role is in the garage construction for a commercial business, you should check our wind resistant calculator for commercial garage doors. If you're the owner, you can use it to learn about all commercial garage door options relative to your wind load requirements, which should help you choose the perfect door for your business.

If you're the designer or the builder, use our WindCode® door calculator for commercial garage doors to make sure the garage door you expect to use will meet the required commercial WindCode® door parameters now so that there are no construction delays later. Trying to adjust the building plans to fit the available commercial garage doors — or changing a garage door plan to find the right wind-rated door to match your building — can quickly turn into missed deadlines.

When Should I Use the WindCode® Door Calculator for Commercial Garage Doors?

It's in your best interest to use the calculator during the design phase, before any construction begins. If you're the owner, once you have the necessary design parameters, use the calculator right away to see your commercial door options and choose the one you like the most.

As the designer, you may want to use the calculator as you go to make sure all your design elements will work with a door with the proper wind rating. As the builder, you may want to verify you have the right door before you start construction.

My Business Is Not in Florida or Texas, Do I Need to Worry About WindCode® Doors?

You may or may not need to consider WindCode® doors where you live. You should investigate and make sure a WindCode® door rating isn’t required in the area where you're building your business. Most coastal regions have some kind of wind load requirement for garage doors, and certain places that have wind load regulations might surprise you, such as certain parts of Connecticut and Wisconsin. Consult the relevant local authorities.

Will I Be Able to Use the Commercial WindCode® Door Calculator?

Our WindCode® door calculator for commercial garage doors is fairly self-explanatory. All you have to do is find out what the relevant building code body is for your area. Click the “?” symbols for more assistance if there's a particular field you need clarification on.

Enforcement of Wind Rated Doors?

If your building is under the jurisdiction of the IBC, your doors must be wind rated.  The levels will depend on numerous factors and are contained in the WindCode® Door Calculator above.

Where is there Code for Wind Loaded Doors?

Wind rated doors are enforceable throughout the entire United States. 

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